Kitchen Set

Kitchen Set

Our Adaptive Kitchen Equipment is designed to empower individuals with limited dexterity, giving them the ability to fully enjoy the love of prepping and cooking. The Kitchen Pack includes a selection of our most popular items, specially curated to be used independently by those with reduced hand function. With these tools, you can reclaim your culinary independence and create delicious meals with confidence.

The Kitchen Pack includes:

Nimble: A one-finger opener that fits on your finger like a thimble. It features a safe yet efficient tiny blade that effortlessly cuts through plastic, paper, and film.

Anti-Slip Coaster: A silicone mat that prevents jars, cups, and other items from sliding around, ensuring stability and convenience during food preparation.

All-Purpose Knife: A right-angled knife designed to reduce wrist stress, making it ideal for cutting a wide range of ingredients.

Palm Peeler: This innovative tool sits comfortably in your hand, allowing you to effortlessly peel carrots, potatoes, and other vegetables with ease.

5-in-1 Opener: Open cans, jars, bottles, tins, and crown cap bottles with ease using this versatile opener, providing you with the freedom to access your favorite foods and beverages.

Anti-Slip Strip: Wrap this strip around handles for a non-slip grip or extra padding, ensuring a secure hold and added comfort.